Mazda Miata/MX-5/Fiat 124 Spider Owners of London, Canada
Miataphiles Of London


The Miataphiles of London consists of Mazda Miata and MX-5 owners, and Fiat 124 Spider owners, who live in London and its surrounding communities. It is an informal group with no membership fees or executive committee.

To keep a membership current, the only thing we ask is that members attend, if not lead, at least one event per calendar year, with your Miata/MX-5/124 Spider. See the About Us section for more information or use the contact form to send us a message.

Who Is Eligible to Join?

Anyone who owns, or is actively contemplating owning, any model year Mazda Miata or MX-5, or a Fiat 124 Spider (model years 2016 to 2020).

How to Join

To join, you need to:

  1. Create an account on our forum. Once your account is activated, you can view (but not post in) any section of the forum except the Events section.
    • The forum allows us to communicate with each other, plan events and maintain a membership roster.
  2. Make one post in the New Members section on the forum, telling us a bit about yourself, your Miata/MX-5/124 Spider and why you’ve joined.
    • Once you’ve made that post, you will be able to freely post in other sections of the forum and sign up for events.